Alex Campelo

Piano and Harmonica

Blues and jazz pianist in the São Paulo music scene. He studied 5 years at the Souza Lima Conservatory, and holds a degree in Music from Faculdade Paulista de Artes. He currently performs as a pianist/sideman in the bands Fizz Jazz, Night Shakers, Borsatti Blues Band, and leads the Thelonious Monk Organ Tribute.

Beto Grangeia

Double Bass

In addition to the double bass, Beto is also the sound technician, designer, illuminator, photographer and videomaker at Fizz Jazz. Of all this, the worst thing about it is playing the bass guitar.

Adriano de Lima


Graduated from EMESP and graduated in Music from the Metropolitan University of Santos. Adriano de Lima is a saxophonist active in the São Paulo scene, playing styles ranging from New Orleans Jazz, Choro and Pop Music. A tenor sax player since the beginning of his career, he is also experimenting with the sound of other saxophones in the saxophone family (soprano, alto and baritone), as well as flute and clarinet.

Pedro Morais

Clarinet and Vocal

Pedro Morais is a clarinetist and singer of Fizz Jazz. Known as “The Wet Voice”, it has a charming husky timbre. He sometimes leaves the stage to go dance to Lindy Hop on the dance floor for a song or two.

Fernando Lima

Drums and Washboard

Chosen by the music to express what he feels. With foundations rooted in jazz, Afro-Latin and the world. Fernando lives by learning, listening and or teaching. With a career of just over ten years, he transits through the circus and the stages of life.